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In April you can’t get rid of the suit: hello BBC! We start this month and with it, the weddings, baptisms and communions season. Don’t be afraid, in today’s post I will try that you will not have to spend a lot of money.

The trend says that we should dress jackets with huge lapels and straight cut with folds to create styles of oversize sillouttes. If you had to go to an event with a suit in the 90es, you are lucky, since these are the most common lines in that decade, everything comes back!

However, it could be a shocking cut, so I’m going to leave you some basic tips to dress the suit in any type of event. In this outfit that I show you, I have chosen a suit with waistcoat from Zara, with slim cut and jacket with narrow lapels. I put the touch of colour with the tie and I didn’t put on the handkerchief.


THE COLOUR? We will guide by the hours of the event.

You should choose the most luminous and saturated tones of blues and greys during the day and getting them darker as the evening comes. Choose black for the events at night and when the etiquette requires it. Sand and ivory tones are better for the events during the day (although they are not the best option for weddings), of course. The king for this year? GREY.

THE CUT: STRAIGHT OR SLIM. As I told you at the beginning of the post, it is not necessary that you fit the trend. You can keep on using the slim cut and jacket with narrower lapel, but be careful with the pants: never skinny.

PRINTS: stripes and checkered. If you have read the latests posts you have noticed the insistence in vertical stripes… In this post it will not be different. I would choose these for not so formal events, being sober with accesories.

You can find both suites in the shops of Centro Comercial Vialia.


SHIRT, ALWAYS buttoned up if yoy wear a tie. Italian collar, english, american, mao… The shirt is a very important element in the suit, and also choosing the proper collar, depending on the effect that we would like to get (if we base in our face, for instance), but if we are going to wear a tie we should NEVER unbutton the last button. We should have them in our wardrobe in white and light blue. The first for the most formal options and the second for more informal events.

A forbidden use with the suit? Wearing short sleeves shirts.


Mao collar: Zara.

Light blue, Premium Quality: H&M.

White with cuff links: Zara.

Light blue with small polka dots: Massimo Dutti.

ACCESSORIES. In this part we can allow us some licenses. Related to the shoes, the classic english with shoelaces, although in daily events you can use the ones with double buckles if you want to diminish formality. Printed or white handkerchiefs, cuff links, braces… Use dark socks and try to avoid bow ties.


Black shoes: Massimo Dutti.

Blue polka dots tie: Zara.

Braces and belt: Massimo Dutti.

Cuff links: Swarovski.

Watch, Daniel Wellington: Joyería STYLO.

Handkerchief: Massimo Dutti.

  • NEXT WEDDING: MORNING COAT, SUIT OR TUXEDO? We have to take into account that there are protocols in the weddings, so we should pay attention to the dress code that the couple establish. The guests should never wear above the groom, who is the one who establish the highest etiquette.

MORNING COAT: it is an item for daily weddings. All the guests should wear it for groom’s request, and in case that he chooses it, only the best man, witnesses, relatives and very close friends are the ones that should choose it. The rest have to wear the suit.

TUXEDO:  it is the nighty version of the morning coat, although it is not the most common option in weddings. In this case, we also have to do what the groom decide.

SUIT:  this is the most versatile and informal option, the best in case of absence of dress code.

And that’s all for today, a short commandment for the events in the next season. You will be the king of the events! See you soon.

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