• Rituals

    Rituals experience

    Hi everyone! This week, I want to share with you my visit to Rituals store. As you may know, the main goal of Rituals is to transform any of our daily routines, such as taking a bath, taking care of our skin or even scenting our home, into unique and unforgettable experiences.…

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  • rebajas de verano


    When it’s only one day left of the sales to start, I bring you that guide to help you to get the most of going shopping in a more intelligent way and to enjoy the huge discounts which will be in all of our favourite shops from tomorrow. There’s no doubt we…

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  • acierta y gana

    Guess and Win with Vialia

    Good morning everyone! How’s going your week? Finally, it seems that the typical land wind in Málaga has gone, so now we can go out to enjoy the good weather, the beach and our beautiful city. That’s why today, from Centro Comercial Vialia, we want to celebrate with you the summer…

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  • escote bardot

    Bardot neckline: this summer show your shoulders

    The bardot neckline is the new trend. This kind of neckline which has several names, such as off-the-shoulders, boat style or simply bardot, has been the main trend in many shirts, blouses, t-shirts or dresses designs by the most important fashion designers, that fact has been translated into low-cost firms, being more notable than ever…

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  • Looks para una noche de verano

    Summer Night Outfits

    When good weather arrives, there’s nothing better than enjoying night plans to have a drink in a terrace, have dinner with your partner, either to get relaxed in a chill out bar in the beach. Our agendas are full of events and there’s a lack of ideas in our head to…

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  • moda baño

    Beachwear Collection Summer 2016

    All the signs are that summer season is already here, every day is warmer and nice weather is with us in our daily routines. I’m pretty sure you will shortly start enjoying the beach or the swimming pool, if you haven’t already done so, that’s why today, I bring you a…

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  • ideas originales para decorar

    Original ideas to decorate your house

    Today I show you some ideas to decorate your home’s corners in an easy, affordable and original way. I’m a great fan of decoration, I do love to add new elements into my room and constantly change them. When I go shopping I cannot help buying any scented candle, cute frame,…

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  • cómo combinar la falda plisada

    How to wear the pleated skirt

    There’s no doubt that the pleated skirt is this season’s main skirt trend, that’s why I have decided to talk a little about them and show different options to inspire you when wearing them. We can find this kind of skirt in many fabrics and shapes; the most acclaimed model is the midi…

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  • Cómo vestir a los más peques para ocasiones especiales

    How to dress kids for special events

    As May arrives, it also does the special events season (weddings, baptisms and first Holy Communions), so this is the perfect moment to show you some ideas about how to dress kids for special events. The first thing to bear in mind is we’re talking about kids, so that means constant…

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  • Día de la Madre

    Gift ideas for Mother’s Day

    Mother’s Day is almost here and that’s why I want to help you to find the perfect gift for the most special person in our lives. If stress, work or duties don’t leave you time for anything and you’re still looking for that small detail to surprise her, keep on…

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