• cómo combinar la bomber

    How to wear the bomber jacket

    Today I show you how to wear the jacket which has conquered us this season, the bomber. As spring is advancing and the weather is getting warmer, it’s time to say goodbye to our coats and just replace them with that kind of garment. The typical denim jacket, which was…

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  • tendencia Mix & Match

    The keys to ‘Mix & Match’ trend

    Our spring-summer looks are full of lighter garments, brighter colours and many patterns; so today, that’s why I’m going to talk about the ‘Mix & Match’ trend, in other words, how to combine patterns and not die in the attempt. Dresses, skirts, trousers, shirts and accessories are covered with stripes, flowers,…

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  • Prêt-à-porter con aire español

    Spanish influence in Ready-to-Wear

    This April, flamenco fashion has more presence than ever. Besides being a tradition in our country, it has been one of the most influential trends of this season spring-summer 2016 runways, where many designs are impregnated with Spanish culture. Flamenco influence has been seeing in diverse prestigious designers’ collections, such as Michael Kors, Proenza…

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  • Tendencias de lencería

    The latest spring trends in lingerie

    Maybe you haven’t realized yet, but underwear is the first thing you put on every morning when getting dressed up; garments which have not always been given due attention. As you take care of being flawless and well-dressed when going out, it’s also important to care about our most intimate…

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  • Kit de supervivencia

    The survival kit for superwomen

    Here there is the survival kit for superwomen. I’ve wanted to gather in this post basic and essential beauty products which should be in your make-up bag to always go flawless. These days are being a little more frenetic, specially with Holy Week; during this special date we spend a lot of…

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  • Tendencias de primavera

    Spring trends

    To welcome spring, I have gathered the main trends of this new season on this post. Keep an eye on the key garments from your favourite shops and fill your wardrobe to be ready for warm weather. 1. Lace dress Also called “slip-dresses”, you can find them in multiple tissues and…

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  • La tecnología está de moda

    Technology, the new trend

    It’s a reality that technology is the new trend. With just a glance, you can see multiple electronic devices that surround us and which have become part of our daily routines, being many of them essential in our lives. This last year has brought the appearance of many of them, which we…

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  • La importancia de los accesorios

    The importance of accessories

    In this new post I want to highlight the importance of accessories for any look, both for women and men. No outfit is complete without the suitable accessories; we could say that accessories are the perfect means which adds versatility to the most basic garments in our wardrobe or they…

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  • Looks con deportivas

    Looks with sneakers

    I have decided to dedicate this week to looks with sneakers, as they keep being trendy season by season and there’s nothing better than being well-dressed and comfortable at the same time. I’m not the only person who is always going non-stop from one site to another in a day, consequently,…

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  • #VistoEnVialia

    Winner looks in #VistoEnVialia

    This week I show you  the outfits created by the winners of the campaign #VistoEnVialia. As already reported in the shopping center’s Facebook page, the lucky ones who obtained the gift voucher worth 100€ to create a look along with the expert advice of Manuel Beltrán were Miriam Martínez y…

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