• El regalo perfecto para tu media naranja

    The perfect gift for your better half

    One of the most romantic days of the year is coming: Valentine’s Day. I want to help you to find the perfect gift for your better half. Although it is true that every single day of the year is perfect to demonstrate our feelings to people we love, if the…

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  • Carnaval Vialia

    Going to the Carnival with Vialia

    Centro Comercial Vialia has joined the Málaga Carnival which is taking place over this weekend. So, if you still do not have your costume or for the youngest of the house, and you are desperate because you do not know where to look for them, we are here to help! I’m…

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  • Destino Vialia

    Natural Juices

    This week, I write about one of the most notorious issues of this past year: natural juices or detox juices. This kind of juices has become a fashionable drink and it is increasingly gaining followers around the world, due to its high content in vitamins in addittion to be a great…

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  • Destino Vialia

    Welcome to “Destino Vialia”

    Hello everyone! I welcome you to this new corner of Centro Comercial Vialia. My name is Esther and I am going to be the one who brings you lots of inspirational ideas about the latest trends in fashion and beauty, in addition to multiple advices and proposals about entertainment, restoration and lifestyle…

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