Essential Winter Accessories

In this new post, we’ll go over the essential accessories for next winter. As you may have already noticed, temperatures have considerably dropped during this last week in Malaga, which reminds us that winter season is just around the corner.

Accessories are the key element to get a perfect look. That’s the reason why today, I want to focus on that practical accessories which are able to rekindle our looks and help us to fight next months’ cold weather. Don’t let low temperatures stop you from being on trend and note down all the accessories I show you today, let’s start!

  • Scarves, foulards and fur stoles 

A real basic in our fall/winter looks. There is a large amount of models, fabrics, patterns and materials to choose from, such as light foulards for the day, or big (faux) fur stoles to complement our night without losing style.

Accesorios imprescindibles para este invierno

Faux fur foulard: 15,99 € (Pull & Bear) | Tie-dye scarf: 29,99 € (Cortefiel) | Faux fur stole: 29,95 € (Zara)

Wool fringed foulard: 39,95 € (Massimo Dutti) | Faux fur stole: 34,99 € (Parfois) | Plain foulard: 29,95 € (Massimo Dutti)

  • Hats, beanies and berets

We can find these accessories along every single season of the year. In fall/winter, the main materials are: wool, fur, cotton and knit. Add a touch full of personality to your looks with your favourite hat, beanie or beret.

Accesorios imprescindibles para este invierno

Pompom beanie: 7,95 € (Stradivarius) | Rain hat: 39,99 € (Cortefiel) | Plaited hat: 24,99 € (Parfois)

Cord hat: 22,99 € (Blanco) | Faux fur hat: 24,99 € (H&M) | Wool beret: 9,95 € (Zara)

  • Gloves, lurex socks and fishnet stockings 

I don’t know about you, but I can’t live without a pair of gloves in winter: in my opinion, they are the main essential for cold weather and even more if they’re as nice as the ones I show you. I usually choose neutral colours for this accessory, in order to not have to be worried about if they combine or not with my coat or sweater. According to socks and stockings, this year, one of the greatest trends’ innovations have been fishnet stockings and lurex socks.

Accesorios imprescindibles para este invierno

Beig gloves: 5,99 € (Parfois) | Faux leather gloves: 12,95 € (Stradivarius) | Black gloves: 8,99 € (Parfois)

Fishnet stockings: 9,99 € (Pull & Bear) | Lurex socks set: 5,95 € (Stradivarius) | Lurex socks: 5,99 € (Cortefiel)

  • Pompom keychains and umbrellas 

As we have been seeing during last year, the key winter accessory for our bags and rucksacks are pompom keychains; we can find them in different sizes, colours or shapes. Furthermore, if you don’t like that trend, you can use them as a simple keychain for your home’s keys. Finally, umbrellas cannot be missed; if you love taking care of every single details in your looks, even at rainy days, these original ones are the perfect for you.

Accesorios imprescindibles para este invierno

Stripped fur keychain: 19,99 € (Parfois) | Pompom keychain: 9,99 € (Zara) | Colour fur keychain: 17,99 € (Parfois)

Planets umbrella: 12,95 € (Zara) | Leopard-print umbrella: 9,95 € (Stradivarius) | Tie-dye umbrella: 12,99 (Blanco)



See you next time.




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