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Bardot neckline: this summer show your shoulders

The bardot neckline is the new trend. This kind of neckline which has several names, such as off-the-shoulders, boat style or simply bardot, has been the main trend in many shirts, blouses, t-shirts or dresses designs by the most important fashion designers, that fact has been translated into low-cost firms, being more notable than ever at this spring-summer 2016 collections.

escote bardot

This kind of neckline which leaves our shoulders off became fashionable in the 60’s by the muse of the French cinema, Brigitte Bardot, who gave it her name. It is a very versatile garment which highlights femininity and adds light hints of sensuality to any look.

Combine it with flowing clothes, if it is a tight top (for example, with palazzo or culottes trousers, or even long skirts) or on the contrary, wear more tight clothes if you choose an oversize, vaporous blouse or with bell-sleeves (a pair of jeans or denim shorts will be the best option).

escote bardot

1. Pull and Bear: 19,99 € | 2. Zara: 22,95 € | 3. Pull and Bear: 19,99 € | 4. Pull and Bear: 17,99 € | 5. Zara: 29,95 € | 6. Zara: 22,95 €

If you prefer a dress with that kind of neckline, you can combine it with roman sandals and a fringed bag in order to get a romantic or boho chic look.

escote bardot

1. Zara: 22,95 € | 2. Zara: 29,95 € | 3. Blanco: 22,99 €

Finally, if you want some advice: wear your hair tied up and you will focus all the attention on your bardot neckline.

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