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The best face moisturizers of the moment

Face moisturizers are one of the most used products by women and men in terms of daily cosmetics. The constant exposure of our skin to external agents, such as pollution or sun’s rays, as well as to internal ones, such as anxiety or hormones, make it to be our body’s organ that needs to be taken care of the most.

We don’t always know which facial moisturizer is the best one for our skin type, nor even, though obvious, which is the right way of applying. That’s the reason why I have focused this week’s post to facial moisturizers to remove all these doubts.

First of all, we should choose the facial moisturizer according to our skin type. There are different skin types, such as: dry, normal, combination, oily or sensitive. In order to know which type is ours, I recommed you to visit a specialist to provide you with in-depth study of our skin, as it’s so important to know that the appearance of oily skin or acne does not always correspond to oily skins, or flaking skin to dry ones.

Down below, I show you the 5 best facial moisturizers according to specialists, which you can find at the Primor store in the shopping centre:

1.Hyaluron-Filler, EUCERIN

cremas para la cara

Anti-age day cream which provides moisturizing and protection to normal/combination skins, acting on wrinkles origin. (31,40 €)

2.Toleriane Ultra, LA ROCHE POSAY

cremas para la cara

Intensive treatment which soothes and relieves skin irritation, the ideal one for sensitive skins. (15,95€)

3.Aqualia Thermal, VICHY

cremas para la cara

Cream which provides long-lasting moisturizing, recommended for sensitive skins. There are two versions available: the light one, for normal/combination skin; or the rich one, for dry skins. (17,50 €)

4.Skin Naturals Miracle Cream, GARNIER

cremas para la cara

Revolutionary anti-aging formula which reduces age spots  and pores, and reinforces skin. For normal skins. (7,99 €)

5.Cellular Anti-age Day Cream, NIVEA

cremas para la cara

Day cream which reduces wrinkles, increases firmness and improves skin renovation. It’s the ideal one for normal/combination skins. (12,99 €)

To finish with, choosing the right cream is not only important, but also knowing how to apply it. Dermatologists recommend: firstly, ‘warm up’ the cream in your hands and then apply it on your face making circular massages; secondly, once applied, warm up your hands again and gently pressure your face in order to improve the absorption. However, we should not forget to protect our skin and clean it every morning, eat antioxidant food, drink at least 2 litres of water a day, and sleep a minimum of 7-8 hours to help our skin looks perfect.

See you next time.



(Cover photo vía Mary Kay México)

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