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The denim guide: ideal jeans for each type of body shape

When we talk about the term ‘jeans’, we are referring to the main wardrobe essential, a classic pair of jeans. This is a comfortable, versatile and quite flattering garment, if we choose the right pair. It is important to know our body shape in order to choose the model which best fits us.

Discover the main features of each type of jeans and find your ideal pair. Let’s start our denim guide!

Regular or straight. This is the traditional straight denim. A renewed classic which is once again on trend. It is the perfect model to fit any body shape, age or occasion. It conceals curves and especially suits hourglass body shapes.

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1. Straight High Waist Jeans: 39,99 € | 2. Straight High Ankle Jeans: 29,99 € | 3. Straight Regular Cropped Jeans: 44,99 € (H&M)

Skinny. A tight design which suits and slenderizes your legs in order to get a perfect shape. If you prefer to emphasize every single line of your body, that is your pair.

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1. Skinny Regular Ankle Jeans: 24,99 € | 2. Super Skinny Low Jeans: 19,99 € | 3. Super Skinny Regular Jeans: 19,99 € (H&M)

Slim. This is the perfect combination between skinny and straight jeans. A straight-cut and slightly tight design. Ideal for a casual look if you want to show off your curves without renouncing comfort.

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1. Slim Ankle High Jeans: 39,99 € | 2. Slim Ankle High Jeans: 39,99 € | 3. Vintage High Ankle Jeans: 24,99 € (H&M)

Jeggings. Leggings’ comfort with the appearance of a pair of jeans. It adapts like a second skin and emphasizes feminine curves. It is one of the tightest design but quite stretchable.

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Feather Soft Low Jeggings: 1. Washed blue: 29,99 € | 2. Dark Blue Denim: 14,99 € | 3. Blue Denim: 29,99 € (H&M)

High waist. This model fitted to the waistline is generally made from stretch fabric. It is the perfect model to emphasize slender body shapes with no curves.

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1. High Trashed Jeans: 24,99 € | 2. High Waist Jeans: 15,99 € | 3. High Waist Jeans: 41,99 € (H&M)

Boyfriend. Mid-rise trashed jeans with straight and wide cut. It is characterized by masculine vibes. That is not the pair which suits everybody, but if you combine them with the right clothes, you will get a trendy look (for example, wear them with stilettos and a white shirt).

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1. Boyfriend Low Ripped Jeans: 29,99 € | 2. Boyfriend Low Ripped Jeans: 29,99 € | 3. Boyfriend Slim Low Jeans: 34,99 € (H&M)

Relaxed. Relaxed design which is the most casual denim. Low-rise, straight-cut and ‘trashed’ look.

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1. Relaxed Mom Jeans: 29,99 € | 2. Loose fit Trashed Jeans: 49,99 € | 3. Straight Relaxed Jeans: 17,99 € (H&M)

Flare or bootcutThe 70’s version. Thanks to their wide flare, your legs will look like longer and more slenderized.

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1. Jeans Bootcut Samurai: 29,95 € (Zara) | 2. Bootcut Regular Jeans: 29,99 € | 3. Bootcut Regular Jeans: 29,99 € (H&M)

See you next time.

DESTINO VIALIA | @Estherluque_

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