Gift Ideas for Father’s Day

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After the post “Valentine’s Gift Guide For Him” I come back willing to gift… Today is the turn for one of the most leading figure in our lifes: fathers.

In my case I recognize that gifting him has been complicated over the years. He is one of those who “doesn’t need anything” and “likes everything”, so you can imagine the difficulty to succeed and gift something different and special… And you, in which profile would you fit yours?


TECHNOLOGICAL. They may not be of the Z generation, but if his attraction for the gadgets is very high, don’t have any doubt: gift him something techonological. A smartwatch, speakers, eBook… In this field you have a wide ranger of options and prices. Here you are a selection os items, all of them from MediaMarkt.


PRIMPED. As I told you in the last post, beauty does matter. In it I told you about the men care collection of Rituals, which you can also gift if your father cares about having a hidratated skin. Now I want to make emphasis in the hair care.


If you don’t know “Fernando Peluquería y Estética” I recommend you to keep in mind for a perfect experiencial gift. They hace an exclusive place for men, where your father could enjoy of a visagism and a exception cut or a facial flash treatment of fifteen minutes to look perfect for a special ocasion, among other services. Moreover, the products that they use are specialiced in men care.

THOUGHTFUL. One of my favourite profiles. Gift him a mug with a message, a funny cushion and a customized card with a “breakfast voucher”. They like everything; but don’t forget that in every gift you have yo make it clear that it is for the “best father in the world” 🙂 Here, a selection of items in Superskunk de Vialia:


CLASSIC. This profile can never miss. And here are not only the classic fathers, but also classic sons, because sometimes we prefer play it safe. A tie, a foulard, a shirt… They are gifts with whom you will probably succeed. As you could have seen in my latest posts, I declare myself an unconditional fan of accesories, so this time I show you some items from Swarovski with which you will dazzle your father (and not only because of the shine of the crystals :P).


And that’s all for today. Technological, primped, thoughtful or classics, with a rocker touch, preppy style, modern… The important thing is that the gift would be full of love and affection.


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