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Essentials for your Holiday

Hello everyone! In this new post I show you the essentials that you should include in your luggage to enjoy your next holiday to the fullest.

The month of August is just around the corner and lots of families choose that month to enjoy the beach, travelling, sightseeing and especially, resting. That’s why the last thing we want to worry our heads with it’s to choose which clothes and shoes to pack, or how many outfits we’re going to need; the key is to be practical.

The following list offers you a brief overview about which garments cannot be missed and which ones we should leave at home, so let’s take note!


  1. Beach tunic or dress. Choose basic and versatile clothes which allow you to link activities without having to stop by home or the hotel to constantly change your clothes during the day.
  2. Raffia or pamela hat. Protecting yourself from the sun is one of the most important things during holiday, that’s why we cannot forget to pack one of these if we’re going to spend long hours walking or at the beach. In addition, it will be your perfect accessory to add personality to your outfits.
  3. Beach towel or beach wrap. This will be useful to go to the beach or the swimming pool; furthermore you can use it as a beach wrap if you want to have a drink at a bar or to visit any stall after spending the day sunbathing.
  4. Sandals. One of the main mistakes when packing is to choose several pairs of shoes which we’re not going to wear them all and which take up a lot of space. That’s why is really important to only choose a couple pairs of footwear: comfortable sandals to walk during long hours without any problem and which combine with all our looks, and another ones more classy to have dinner or for special occasions.
  5. Sunglasses. They’ll be our biggest allies to manage without any makeup, but more importantly, to protect our eyes.
imprescindibles vacaciones

1. Beach tunic: Women’Secret | 2. Raffia hat: Oysho | 3. Sunglasses: Oysho | 4. Sandals: Pull&Bear | 5. Beach towel: Women’Secret

On the other hand, we should avoid falling into the following clichés:

  1. To pack single clothes or as we usually call them, “just in case” ones. Prepare complete looks and decide which garment you will wear with which one; in this way you won’t pack excess weight.
  2. To pack hundreds of shoes. That’s completely forbidden! As I told you before, a couple pairs of shoes will be enough.
  3. Do not leave any free space in your suitcase. Remember that when we go on holiday, we usually buy clothes or souvenirs. 

And that’s all. I hope all these advices will be useful for your next holiday, have a wonderful Friday!

See you next time.






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