Kit de supervivencia

The survival kit for superwomen

Here there is the survival kit for superwomen. I’ve wanted to gather in this post basic and essential beauty products which should be in your make-up bag to always go flawless.

These days are being a little more frenetic, specially with Holy Week; during this special date we spend a lot of time outside home with our family and friends without stopping. Take note of the following 7 products and don’t let anything pull you down.

1. Foundation

It’s very important to choose a good foundation which should be long-lasting, high resistance and which controls the appearance of annoying glosses in our skin.

Kit de supervivencia

1. MaxFactor Face Finity 3in1: 10,25 € | 2. Estée Lauder Double Wear: 28 € | 3. L’Oreal Infallible 24h-Mat: 8,95 € (Primor)

 2. Pressed powder

Set your foundation with pressed powders to extend its lasting. The best option is to use “translucent powders” or “bronze powders” to fix small areas of your face.

Kit de supervivencia

1. Délice de poudre: 12,60 € | Stay Matte Rimmel: 4,65 € | Fit me pressed powders: 7,95 € (Primor)


3. Concealer

It’s so important to use a concealer which covers our flaws or dark circles. After its application, set it with translucent powders.

Kit de supervivencia

1. Fit Me concealer: 4,95 € | 2. Catrice Camouflage: 3,39 € | 3. Lasting Finish Concealer: 4,99 € (Primor)


4. Eyelashes mascara

Give shape and density to your eyelashes with the mascara which better adapts to your needs. Although as a rule it’s a product with high lasting, if we’re going to be many hours out of home and without being able to retouch your make-up, I recommed you a waterproof mascara.

Kit de supervivencia

1. Lash Sensational Maybelline: 7,95 € | Muse Mascara Astor: 10,10 € | Mega Volumen Colageno: 8,95 € (Primor)

5. Natural lipstick

Get a lipstick in a natural colour for the day and in a more deep colour for the night. There’re multiple options with high lasting duration which will be your greatest ally.

Kit de supervivencia

1. Super Stay 14h: 8,75 € | 2. Color Infalible 24h: 9,95 € | 3. Perfect Stay 16h: 4,75 € (Primor)

6. Tweezers 

Don’t forget to put a tweezer in your bag, you don’t know when it’ll be useful and it can get us out of trouble.

Kit de supervivencia

1. Essence: 2,49 € | 2. Brow Babe: 7,5 € | 3. Beter: 2,99 € (Primor)

7. Lip balm

Finally, the lip balm. Throughout the day our lips tends to get dry because of the weather, that’s why it’s very important to always hydrate them.

Kit de supervivencia

1. Baby lips: 2,5 € | 2. Carmex: 3,5 € | 3. Isdin: 4,95 € (Primor)

See you next time.


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