La tecnología está de moda

Technology, the new trend

It’s a reality that technology is the new trend. With just a glance, you can see multiple electronic devices that surround us and which have become part of our daily routines, being many of them essential in our lives. This last year has brought the appearance of many of them, which we wouldn’t have imagined to exist before, and much less that they’ll be within our reach.

Then, I’m going to introduce you the newest devices which have been recently introduced into the market:

1. Drones

These little devices are remote-controlled and can capture images from almost any angle, even from the air! Although at the beginning they were only for a professional use for high prices, you can already find various types for different users.

La tecnología está de moda

Parrot Jumping Sumo White – 149 € (Media Markt)

La tecnología está de moda

Parrot Jumping Race TukTuk – 199 € (Media Markt)

2. Action cameras

This kind of cameras are for extreme sports and travel lovers, with which you can capture any moment. Due to its size, water resistance, image quality, lense up to 360º and the possibility to adapt it to any support, such as a helmet, a surfboard, a bike, etc., these cameras have become an indispensable complement to these people. Apart from the the model par excellence, the GoPro Hero 4, we can find different models in a wide variety of prices adapted to any budget.

La tecnología está de moda

GoPro Hero 4: 449 € (Media Markt)

3. Electric skateboard

It has become the new means of transport to move around the city and, in many cases, it has replaced the skateboard or the bike. I’m sure you’ve already seen someone with one of these.

La tecnología está de moda

Electric skateboard: 449 € (Media Markt)

4. 3D printer

This machine is able to create 3D structures from designs made by computers. The results are amazing, moreover the possibility to see the creation process in real time. Thanks to them, today it’s possible to materialize any idea we have in our mind, but for a non-affordable price.

La tecnología está de moda

3D printer: 1.690 € (Media Markt)

La tecnología está de moda

5. Smartwatch

Smartwatches are going to become one of the essential accessories for our day-to-day, as they complement and, in many cases,  replace our smartphones’ features. Companies know this device has come to stay and because of that they increasingly offer customizable models, like this Huawei in which you can choose the material of the strap or the sphere.

La tecnología está de moda

Huawei  W1 Smartwatch: 335-399 € (Media Markt)

La tecnología está de moda

Apple Watch: 754 € (Media Markt)

6. Activity bracelet

These bracelets are the perfect complement to sport lovers, as they allow you to control the calories you burn, sleeping hours, the distance travelled, your vital signs, etc., in addition it offers the possibility to synchronize that information with your smartphone.

La tecnología está de moda

Activity bracelets: 69-194 € (Media Markt)

7. Smartphone

And last but not least, smartphones. We have multiple models with multiple features at our disposal. These devices complement our lives and they always accompany us. Since the alarm clock in the morning, the camera, social networks manager…their features are so many that we sometimes forget which is and which has always been its main feature since its creation, which is simply make calls.

La tecnología está de moda

Samsung S7 edge: 819 € (Media Markt)

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See you next time.


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