Let’s talk about trends!

It is soon yet to leave coats and jackets in the wardrobe, thinking about putting off pullovers and boots seems very far away, but how will the fashion man of 2018 wear?

This year’s fashion is very interesting. Men are gaining ground and we have to be conscious about it. Lanvin, Kenzo or Hermès have showed in their lasts collections that we can play another role, the one of the men with style, we just have to catch the trends and adapt them to our style.

tendencias hombre

Today I show you a suggestion in between winter and spring. If we talk about what is going to be trendy we can find (another season) with loose sillouettes. High-wasted trouser, maxi t-shirts, loose suites… Volume has the leading role in streetstyle!

The key to the success for this outfit? Balancing loose trousers with a fitted jumper. Here you are some spring trends tips to succeed with this type of looks:

The jumper, under the trousers. So that the visual sensation would be more harmonious.

tendencias hombre

The importance of white. One of the protagonists of 2018. It gives brightness to the outfit, we just have to choose the right item to wear a more natural and sophisticated style.

Belt, you should wear it! With them we can show our funny or simple side. Lead the atention to vibrant colours, introduce textures or use neutral colour, but please, don’t forget about it!

Don’t forget about the pleat! I am an unconditional fan, they slenderize and add an undeniable chic touch.

tendencias hombre

Reading between the lines is ok. And it would be better if they would be vertical for a total success. In my case, I chose a trench of Zara with the same tone as the trousers.


And the accessories? The ones that transform completely our outfit: watch, sunglasses, backpakcs… Everything counts. It is important to choose the suitable, always considering the desired style, and without a doubt, don’t overdo. Remember, “less is more”.

tendencias hombre

And up to here the post of today, with a minimalist and simple styling, neutral regarding to colour and perfectly adaptable either to winter or the spring. I hope you have enjoyed my suggestion.


See you soon!


tendencias hombre

Look details:

Trench: Zara

Leather jacket: Massimo Dutti.

Pullover: H&M

Trousers: Massimo Dutti.

Shoes: Zara

Belt: Massimo Dutti.

Sunglasses: Ray Ban, Roberto Martín.

Watch: Daniel Wellington, joyería STYLO.

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