dia madre

Mother’s Day. Gifts.

Today is their turn!, To those women who told us off when we didn’t eat vegetables, to those who tell us “If I go, I’ll find it”, to those who are not relieved until you go out overdressed because it’s cold, to those who always use the great sentence: “When you will be mother/father…”. But also, to those women who make everything for us to be happy. This post is for all of them, the ones who are always there. So don’t even try to not to make them a present the next 6th May (and your affection is not enough ;P), pay attention… Because “Mother is only one (or two)”, happy Day to all of them!

I could write an endless post, with a lot of profiles, but this time I promise that it’ll be short 😉

THE VAIN. If your mother is in this group, you’re lucky. In Vialia Centro Comercial we have thousands of options to gift that boastful mother. The aesthetic and hair treatments of Fernando Peluqueros, the gift packs of Rituals, or the wide range of high cosmetic firms that you can find in Primor.


I recommend you Sakura kit of Rituals, repairing products with scent of cherry blossom and rice milk, a great luxury for the skin. Related to perfumes, we have GABRIELLE of Chanel, a floral scent that mixes jasmine, orange blossom, and “tubéreuse de Grasse”, another white flower similar to the previous ones, being the most symbolic variety of the french maison (in Primor). Another winner bet (for the ones who have doubts) is the gift card of Fernando Peluqueros, so that your mother can exchange it for the service that she prefers… That way it is imposible to fail 😉

THE BEACHY. They are coast, sea and ray of sun passionate. May begins, the temperaturas are rising and the good weather is here. The options here are infinite again: bikinis, swimsuits, baskets, sandals… Don’t forget to add a good sun cream, you already know the importance of taking care of the skin, and if you don’t notice it, they will remind it to us 😛

la playera

Gathered black swinsuit, Hunkemöller.

Body wrap towel, Women’secret.

Rigid handle basket, Zara.

Pink sandals, Oysho.

Sunglasses, Ray Ban, in Roberto Martín.

Sun cream, Isdin, de venta en Primor.

INDITEX LOVER. I think that in this part we could include a lot of people. They are not only them, our mothers, the ones who feel atraction to brands as Massimo Dutti or Zara, among others. In all the chain we find different styles perfectly adaptable to every type of women.

inditex lover

You can find all these products in the shops of Vialia Centro Comercial.

THE BEST. My favourite type and I think that the one of most of you. For me the mine, and for the rest of you, yours. The one who you don’t change for nothing, the one who we owe everything to. In adition to all the previous groups, I would gift her an accessory of the jewelry STYLO or a pair of earrings from Swarovski (I show you them).

la mejor

And that’s all for today, I hope you have enjoyed it as much as I did.

I see you son here.

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