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Don’t miss these new literary works

Bye summer, hello routine. Holidays are over and it’s time to get back to work or to start the new course. Although September is a tough month, the best way to get used to our schedule again and elevate our mood is to update our wardrobe and, why not, our shelves too with a new book. Here are the literary titles everybody’s talking about this autumn:

  • A column of fire (Una columna de fuego), Ken Follett.

novedades literarias

The third novel in the saga, The Pillars of the Earth and World Without End, is out. If you are a passionate about the masterful Ken Follett’s stories full of historical connotations, that’s your book.

  • The Handmale’s Tale (El cuento de la criada), Margaret Atwood.

novedades literarias

This awesome novel has become a success due to its recent adaptation to the screen with the award-winning series named after it. A visionary novel published on 1985, which describes the social criticism about women’s situation in a male-chauvinist society.

  • 4 3 2 1, Paul Auster.

novedades literarias

This is the last and long-awaited book from Paul Auster, which describes how fate and our decisions in life shape our identity of who we are.


  • Berta Isla, Javier Marías.

novedades literarias

“A day like any other, a dumb day, will determine the remainder of his existence”. An exciting story about a wait. This novel is about a love story full of detective touches.


  • Los pacientes del Doctor García, Almudena Grandes.

novedades literarias

An exciting thriller and novel about informantsThe new Almudena Grande’s work is written in popular language, it is a mix of real elements, such as the Madrid’s siege from the 36s with the post-war period, to the Argentina of the general Perón.


  • El día que se perdió la cordura, Javier Castillo.

novedades literarias

“Fate sometimes tests us to realize its existence”. This romantic thriller narrated in three periods explores the human being’s limits and sets new standards in the thriller genre.


Remember that all these novels are available at the store Relay (located at the ground floor of the shopping centre, next to the main entrance).

See you next time.

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