rebajas de verano


When it’s only one day left of the sales to start, I bring you that guide to help you to get the most of going shopping in a more intelligent way and to enjoy the huge discounts which will be in all of our favourite shops from tomorrow.

There’s no doubt we have learnt how to manage our purchases over the years, especially in the sales period, when we tend to buy compulsively. However, It’s always welcome to remember a number of basic criteria before starting shopping.

Firstly, we should consider the following questions:

  • How much do you want to spend?

If you don’t want to have bags full of clothes you’ll never wear, set a maximum budget to invest in sales.

  • What do you really need? 

Take a look into your wardrobe and note down which basic clothes need to be renewed or which one you need to buy. These clothes should be your priority in your shopping.

If you already know these two questions, the next steps will be:

  1. Select shops. Once you’ve planned your purchases, you should check where to find them. Web pages are very useful at this point.
  2. Set a shopping route. It’s so important to establish an order of the shops you want to go to avoid wasting time.
  3. Think about next season. Now it’s the perfect moment to buy jackets or coats for about half the price of what you’re going to find from September. Choose plain clothes as patterns are the first thing to be out of fashion every season.
  4. Avoid ‘huge’ discounts. The main error in this period is to succumb to the temptation of buying everything which is under 5 €. It’s important to know what we really need and do not buy anything off our list in order to avoid unnecessary costs, buy clothes everybody will wear or even we will never wear them either.
  5. Treat yourself. If you have reached this point and still remains part of your budget, then you can buy those sandals, bag or dress that everybody want.

Finally, I want to show you a wishlist of which would be the perfect basics to buy in this summer sales:

rebajas de verano

1. Blazer | 2. Trench | 3. Biker jacket | 4. Black slip dress | 5. Basic jeans | 6. White t-shirt | 7. Black bag | 8. Bandana scarf | 9. Black sandals | 10. Light blue shirt


See you next time.


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