• productos de belleza

    Top 10 Beauty Products

    On this post, we’re going to review those products considered as ‘essentials’, which cannot be missing in every make-up and beauty lover’s cosmetic bag. All of them are highly recommended due to their great value for money. If you don’t want to miss anything and be ready for the unexpected, take…

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  • tejido de pana

    Trend: the corduroy

    When our mothers practically compelled us to wear those corduroy trousers we hated some years ago, we did not even consider the idea of that fabric becoming one of the greatest trends of the season a decade later. But actually it happened, the corduroy is on trend. Despite being an…

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  • look gentlewoman

    Trend: the Gentlewoman look

    The last week of december is one of the most special ones of the whole year. It is now time to think about what we got throughout this 2017 and plan our New Year’s resolutions. I already have mine, and you? As usual, to say goodbye to this year, I want…

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  • guía regalos navidad

    Gift guide for Christmas 2017

    The arrival of the month of December leads us to directly think about Christmas and all its special dates; evening meals with colleagues, meeting old friends, family gatherings…December is a month full of celebrations and, as it should be, full of gifts too. Today, I want to help you in…

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  • boina francesa

    Trend: the french beret, this autumn’s essential

    The french beret is all you’re going to need this autumn. The je ne sais quoi when dressing about parisians is something we all love. This bohemian accessory has always been a fashion referent. The french beret is quite a feminine and stylish accessory, which this year has returned more than ever. Ever…

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  • total look beige

    Trend: the beige look

    This week’s post is dedicated to one of my favourite combinations, the beige look. The early autumn does not mean that all our wardrobe must be full of dark colored clothing; natural tones, such as white, beige or cream are also ideal for cold days. I do love combining clothes in the same…

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  • falda vaquera vintage

    Trend: The Vintage Denim Skirt

    Everything you will wear this autumn will be about denim fabric and versatile designs. The vintage denim skirt is one of these key garments which cannot be missed in your wardrobe this next season if you want to be on trend. The best way to combine it is with a basic…

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  • iluminador

    Highlighter: the new beauty must-have

    This week, it is time to talk about beauty, in particular, about the product which is creating the biggest sensation over this last year: the highlighter. Such is its influence, that there is not a single make-up artist or beauty guru who has not incluided it in their tutorials, to the…

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  • guía denim

    The denim guide: ideal jeans for each type of body shape

    When we talk about the term ‘jeans’, we are referring to the main wardrobe essential, a classic pair of jeans. This is a comfortable, versatile and quite flattering garment, if we choose the right pair. It is important to know our body shape in order to choose the model which…

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  • la maleta de verano perfecta

    The perfect summer suitcase

    Most of us take advantage of our holiday during the months of July and August to take a weekend break with our partner, family or friends, so the dreaded moment to make our suitcase and think about what to stuff arrives. One thing is clear, what is important is to…

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