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Tapamanía CC Vialia: your new tapas bar

In case you have not heard about them yet, a new tapas bar has opened at Centro Comercial Vialia since last May. Yes, I am talking about Tapamanía.

As they indicate in their Facebook page, Tapamanía was born from people’s desire to enjoy simple things. At this new tapas bar you will be able to taste a huge menu of authentic homemade food, the real Spanish cuisine, 100% Mediterranean taste.

I wanted to dedicate this week’s post to them so that you can know them a little better and you also get a closer vision of their food.

  • Two flavours croquettes: bacon, goat cheese and caramelized onion; and oxtail (tapa 2 €/x2)

tapamanía centro comercial vialia

  • Sandwiches (“montadito”): pork loin with melted cheese and spicy tomato sauce; and spicy chicken with melted cheese (1,20 €/u)

tapamanía centro comercial vialia

  • Bao bread stuffed with pork and goat cheese (4,90 € x2)

tapamanía centro comercial vialia

  • Mini pan with fries, fried egg, pepper and cured ham (4,90 €)

tapamanía centro comercial vialia

That is just a small sample of everything you can find on their wide list of sandwiches, traditional tapas, burgers, croquettes, brochettes, flamenquín, salads and more special dishes.

In addition, they have many offers during the week, such as:

– The “Beer fair “: every day your small beer for 1€ and your beer jar for 1,30 € (if you include one tapa, 2,50 € y 2,80 €)

– 4 sandwiches for only 4,50 €

– “Selfiemanía”: every Wednesday and Sunday, post a selfie on your Instagram or Facebook with the hashtags #tapamaniacos and #selfietapa and get a free tapa with your drink.

Or you can also choose one of their menus:

– Menu 1: drink + salad + dish = 8,50 €

– Menu 2: drink + sandwich + mini pan = 6,60 €

– Menu 3: drink + flamenquín + special dish = 8,50 €

Do not miss any of their offers or giveaways and follow them on their social platforms:

Facebook | Instagram | Página Web

If you do not know where to eat today, come and taste your new tapas bar at Centro Comercial Vialia!

See you next time.


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