la maleta de verano perfecta

The perfect summer suitcase

Most of us take advantage of our holiday during the months of July and August to take a weekend break with our partner, family or friends, so the dreaded moment to make our suitcase and think about what to stuff arrives. One thing is clear, what is important is to avoid carrying too much clothes and not to stuff things we are not going to wear. And you will ask yourself, is it possible? In today’s post I want to show you that it is through a number of guidelines which will help us to get the perfect summer suitcase, wherever you go.

Firstly, the point is to choose versatile pieces in order to create different looks. On one hand, there are the so-called ‘wardrobe essentials’ which cannot be missed in our suitcase, such as: a basic striped t-shirt and another white one, denim shorts, white trousers and a denim jacket; on the other hand, there are more special garments within the same aesthetic line, such as: two blouses, a plain one and another printed, and your favourite sheer dress.

The essentials:

la maleta de verano perfecta

Basic white tee: Zara (5,95 €) | High-waisted denim shorts: Springfield (14,99 € – sales)

Striped tee: Zara (4,95 €) | Oversized denim jacket: Stradivarius (29,95 €) | White trousers: Stradivarius (19,95 €)

Special garments:

la maleta de verano perfecta

Printed blouse: Springfield (19,99 €) |  Off-shoulder blouse: Springfield (22,99 €) | Yellow floral dress: Springfield (29,99 €)

Regarding footwear, do not stuff more than three pairs. Ideally, choose some flat and comfy-but-stylish sandals, and a pair of sneakers to walk long hours.

The footwear:

la maleta de verano perfecta

Lace sneakers: Stradivarius (25,95 €) | Glitter sandals: Stradivarius (29,95 €)

Metallic sandals: Stradivarius (29,95 €) | Flatform white sandals: Stradivarius (29,95 €) | Suede sneakers: Stradivarius (29,95 €)

Another key point to get the perfect suitcase is to play with accessories. My favourite ones are: a straw bag, the trendiest bag of the season; a printed kerchief which can be worn tied at the neck or as a bracelet, as well as to use it to decorate our bag; and finally, your favourite sunglasses to combine with the rest of the clothes.

The accessories:

la maleta de verano perfecta

Maxi straw bag: Zara (35,95 €) | Printed kerchief: Zara (7,95 €) | Tortoise sunglasses: Zara (15,95 €)

See you next time.

DESTINO VIALIA | @Estherluque_

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