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Hello everyone. The time for taking care of and pamper us has come! After the summer and the heat, our skin is very dry and damaged by excess sun, sea and chlorine in recent weeks.

I use special creams to take care of my skin all year round, but in September I start with my intensive care creams to have 100% soft skin and keep the tan intact. Here I tell you my beauty tricks! All the products you can find in Primor at the Vialia Shopping Center!

Since we were small we had oily skin, so we used a special gel and cream to remove the imperfections, black spots and pimples that left us warm. The brands that I like the most to avoid these problems are Avéne and La Roche-Posay, these products also have fantastic creams for those with dry and dehydrated skin. I can assure you that they do real magic and in just a few days you will notice the difference!

In addition to the face, it is also very important to take care of our body. In my bathroom, there can never be two products that leave my skin like that of a baby!

They are a nutritious body milk cream from Nivea, which moisturizes your skin until it is as good as new, I always use it after showering and I love how soft my skin leaves. I always use it after using this cream!

The other product is a gel of olive oil, I use it on occasional occasions, to give me baths, getting a real pleasure with its foam and its light sensation, because thanks to its vegetal cosmetics it does not dry out the skin at all. I find my moment of relaxation with this special gel!

All items are from Primor

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