Wowble! creative bubble drinks

Wowble! creative bubble drinks y más

Today, I want to introduce you a new stand at Centro Comercial Vialia, this is Wowble! creative bubble drinks y más. This little space, located in the ground floor of the shopping centre, offers a new and funny drink with toppings which is very popular around the world.

Wowble creative bubble drinks

What is it? Wow!ble is an alcohol-free creative combination prepared on the spot with natural ingredients and added toppings called “bobas”, little balls filled with fruit juice which burst inside the mouth. In other words, this is the drink with flavoured balls.

Discover their recommendations or choose the base, the flavour and the toppings to personalize your drink. The base may be: liquid (fruity tea), ice (slush with your favorite fruit), cream (creamy fruit smoothie), or milkteas (tea, coffee, milk, chocolate and much more). Some of the combinations are prepared with soy milk, others with skimmed milk or natural fruit. There are plenty of flavours to choose from, as well as three available sizes.

Wowble creative bubble drinks

The glass is sealed, so you will have to nail the wide straw they give you to it, so that the toppings will go up along with the drink and voilà, here is your Wowble!

Wowble creative bubble drinks

I ordered the Wowble! ‘Arábica’, which is a coffee slush with milk and tapioca pearls, so cold and tasty! Next time, I will try some with fruit, such as ‘Wowquiri’ (strawberry ice with red fruits explosion) or ‘Two!melon’ (natural melon ice with honey melon explosion).

Wowble creative bubble drinks

Finally, I want to inform you that Wowble! creative bubble drinks is doing a giveaway to get one year-free Wowble! drinks. If you want to participate, you just have to fill the inscription form, which you may ask for with your drink, and to put it in the box at their stand in Centro Comercial Vialia. Hurry up! You have until 31th August.

Wowble creative bubble drinks

See you next time.

DESTINO VIALIA | @Estherluque_

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