Mensaje en movimiento: Ante las nuevas medidas frente a la pandemia



Today I’m going to talk about this technological paradise, where you can find all the latest electronic devices almost as soon as they are launched.

Mediamarkt was founded in Germany in 1979 with a novel business model: big stores with a large variety of products sold at very competitive prices. This model came to Spain in 1999 with the opening of the first Mediamarkt in Madrid. Everyone looks forward to its special days without VAT and Black Friday sales to buy a coveted gadget or necessary home appliance. Just in case I didn’t tell you, I AM NOT STUPID!… Let’s have a look at this season’s `musts’ 🙂


I love this word and everything it offers: a long list of discounts on television sets, smartphones, smartwatches, wireless earphones. I admit I am passionate about technology, and that I can spend hours at the Mediamarkt store in Centro Comercial Vialia discovering and inquiring about all these electronic devices 😛



  1. With the Samsung Galaxy Tab A you will enjoy top level performance that will make your daily activities easier and more productive. With the discount, it costs 215€.
  2. Samsung Galaxy Watch. It answers the calls you receive, reads your messages and gives you access to the applications you want. Thanks to Bluetooth connectivity, it can be synchronised with your wireless headphones so that they can answer your phone calls. It costs 329€, and with the discount you can buy it for 249 €.
  3. Sony SRS Wireless Loudspeaker is easy to carry and has a precise and powerful sound, so that you can enjoy your playlists whenever you want. With the discount, you can buy one for less than 40€.

As part of this offer, you can also find discounts on Apple products, ranging from phones to cases for smartphones.



  1. Pink iPhone 7, 128GB, REFURBISHED – Mediamarkt offers this option for numerous terminals, in other words a product that has been used or that has some defect, either in the phone itself or the packaging. The product has a certificate from an external company confirming it has been refurbished and that it works properly. In addition, all refurbished products have the same warranty as any other new product. With the discount, the price of this phone is 269€.
  2. MacBook Air, 128GB. This is Apple’s most compact laptop, with exceptional features and ultra-fast flash storage. It also has ten hours of battery life. With the 200 € discount on the original price, it costs 899€.
  3. iPhone 11 Pro Max Case – This leather case made by Apple is one of the ‘top’ accessories for those who want the latest for their phones. You’ll find the option for the iPhone 11 at a discount of more than 12 €, as well as other cases for different iPhone models.

Don’t forget that MediaMarkt is always launching offers and new campaigns, so it’s easy to find what you’re looking for at the best price. In addition, at the MediaMarkt store in Centro Comercial Vialia you’ll find many professionals in the different electronic sections ready to help you and give you advice regarding whatever you need.

Seen you soon!



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